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Enjoy Your Present First

I remember when I used to visit my hometown, my all cousins came over to my grandparent’s place and we all used to have so much fun. Like meet all the relatives, having lunch in one place than dinner in other, because everyone met after so long.

When I saw my cousins and grandparents enjoying every minute of their lives so gracefully, i asked my daddu is there no one whose not happy or not enjoying their life? aren’t they don’t have any future goals? Aren’t they worried about anything?

He smiled and told me ” we are the one’s whose responsible for our happiness and sadness, person who can control their needs or desires can stay happy in the present, can enjoy. He or she can mark their own limits. We should feel lucky that we are alive today and get what we truly deserves. No matter how much you earn, but your mental health and inner peace is everything you should worried about and take good care of it. As much as you keep your needs less, the more you feel happy and maybe bother your mind and to yourself less, because desires has no limits. The more you earn the more they become and the more you worried about. In village, people do have their own problems but they are happy because they don’t want extra, which is why they don’t want higher positions in MNC companies. We find happiness in very small things and we live the in present. So first, enjoy the moment you are in and then think about the future”. 

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