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Dreams and Destiny

Always been that narrow eyed, wide smiling girl; taking huge decisions instantly and crying over smallest of things.
Art defines me while yoga is sculpting me. Trying everyday to be a better human!

What’s the story of my life?
I have always dreamt of traveling and living my life the way I want to, BUT

For 24 long years, life didn’t really allow me to be so, I spent all these years in my hometown, never moved out, just dreamt!
Also, didn’t loosen up the hope to be free one day.

Depression could have easily caught me, but I saved myself. It’s not really easy to dream and not being able to live that.

But I believe God had and have better plans for me and I completely abide by them. 🙂

So, I choose life because it has chosen me too.

Featured Human: Ashima Rai (@ashimarai23)

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