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Distance Relationship

Distance Relationship!!! (Please read the story till the end) 
I have often felt mountains and valleys by its fragrance and sounds. Apart from being a visual treat and cameraman’s paradise, mountains make you calm. As if they are telling you and looking at you from the above, “if me being a mountain can stand still, you still are a human”!!! 
Little tired after 32 hours of journey from Ahmedabad to Dalhousie, I opened the door of my room and started settling down. Just a while ago, the sun had set and the valley was quiet and cold. Settling my rucksack, I could hear my breath. Few birds at a nearby tree were about to call it a day and I could hear their mild chirping. 
But my peace soon got distracted by heavy bass beats echoing in the valley. Following the sound, I reached the end of the cliff and could see a hotel down had few special guests. A corporate company was celebrating its achievement with some “Star” performers on the hotel terrace. Still, in their formals, guests were dancing on raunchy dance numbers raising their glasses. 
I called the helper from the hotel and asked to help me arrange a table chair at the end of the cliff facing the dance party. Feeling the cool breeze, I sat and opened a bottle of Old Monk (dark rum) and raised a toast to the distance relationship I have with the mountains! 
On one side there were people dancing and celebrating their job and on another side, it was me who had just set free from the chaos!!

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