Humans of Himachal

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Humans of Himachal


Doors shut. Engine on. Another world awaits.

Roads are supposed to be the most beautiful part of the journeys because when it comes to recounting the moments lived, journeys make more memories than the destination itself.


It’s not just travel that I miss, it’s that feeling of freedom. Not going to mask it, the past couple of months have been filled with lots of ups and downs for me, but knowing the stricter we keep ourselves during COVID – 19 pandemic  from the freedoms we used to have, the sooner we will have them back.

Photos from Himachal Pradesh’s  less traveled town, kufri. It is about 8-9 hours’ drive from New Delhi. While driving to Kufri, the moment you spot something white on those rocky terrains, definitely stop and get the first feel of snow.


You would remain bewitched by the splendid views all around. Adventurous travellers are guaranteed to fall in love with this place.

Picture courtesy: @aesthetically_awara
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Arpita Hait (@arpitahait)


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