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Choices – Live a Little Darling

I’m aware of my privileges and the best one I have is literature.
Seriously, nothing tops this.

I had a dialogue with a friend on the internet recently; she kept telling me how toxic internet is, and for a second something clicked, everything she said, I had no idea about.

We live in same country, same state and District, still, we consume different things.
I am not trying to brag or exaggerate.
It all boils down to personal choices.I love the internet.

What it has given me is priceless. No school or college can teach me the things Like it did. 
Ofcourse I see things that are toxic to me yet totally normal to others. Should I go around imposing my point of view and cancelling people out for liking things that I don’t?

I really hope to see a time here when people can choose without feeling attacked.
Go love cats or dogs without having to justify what you love and why.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk XD.

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