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Behind Closed Doors

So I’ve been dealing with this PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for quite sometime now, and I hate visiting psychiatrists, as it’s really uncomfortable sharing your personal problems with a complete stranger. Also, people around starts calling you demented. My appointments are generally conducted once a month, and I keep reciting the same old story to every therapist. I met this new therapist in the month of January who actually made me believe that no medicine would help me cure my disease until and unless I become my own therapist. Her therapies were quite different and unique from the others. The appointments were fixed in places where I’ve always feared to visit and she used to take me there all alone. The first place we visited was a construction site of a building having 12 floors. I was scared of heights.When we reached the roof she asked me take a glance from the edge and admire the beauty of the city. 
The next appointment was on a boat in the middle of Ganges. I was hydrophobic and never really appreciated water rides. She held my hand and made me sit on the edge of boat and suddenly we’re in the middle of nowhere. She whispered “Can you feel the silence?”


Suddenly my father changed my therapist who,in no time, diagnosed me with multiple personality disorder. I was told that I’ve been to places alone which are strictly restricted, and I’ve been seen talking with myself sometimes. I didn’t get why they had to change my previous therapist for which I was actually recovering. I asked my parents out of curiosity and the reply I got was terrifying. They never actually changed my therapist in these few months. As my doctor was out of town, I apparently just missed few appointments with him.

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