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Awakening of the senses in the wild

Wanderers have a special kind of charm and charisma in them. If you are one, you can very well relate to what I am about to mention below. So, stay on the page folks!

Whether it is the deep blue sea or a range of Himalayas. There are enormous amount of  mysterious possibilities and secret places to be discovered. The wildlife wonders will always surprise us in various ways. Adventure and traveling give insights into how the wild works or how beautiful God’s creation is. Exploring the mother nature can be a never-ending source of information and knowledge, which can never be extracted through the books you have been reading all this time in your school. The growth that happens  through essence of nature stays with us forever.

Not only it makes you more calm but also awakens your deep asleep senses. Yes, you read right! Most of us just die without even using our senses to their full potential. In many cases we don’t even use them anywhere near the potential. On the other hand you need to stay wide awake while traveling, and why would anyone not do that, as traveling is the most blissful and refreshing activity in itself. The true ventures can bring you memories for a lifetime along with a lot of experience in hand. You learn various skills to avoid the miserable life situations.

While traveling around in the wild, we tend to become more attentive towards surroundings. Which simply means we are bringing our hearing into use, we become aware of each and every movement of our body and intuitions are also used to a great extent. Our sight becomes clear and focused. We live in the present moment, to insure safety and security. Because we got to take care of many things while we are hiking on to a peak, walking in a dark forest, wandering around on an island or  swimming/surfing in the ocean. It makes you confident and full of life. 

The sense of fear, thrill, joy and excitement all at once is a lifetime experience everyone must have for a fearless life afterwards. Facing all your phobias will add up to your strengths at the end. Making you a much aware and conscious being. These adventures give us wisdom to spread around. We get the real meaning of life. We meditate with open eyes.And the most beautiful aspect is that we become joyful, and  always stay in a pleasant State of mind. Who travel stay active throughout their lives. The ultimate nature provides us with the most enlightening experience of being a human and we must never miss any chance to be blessed with it.

Go on and keep exploring and growing!

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