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Am I Good Enough??

Why am I asking myself this question?

Am I doubting myself?

Why I can’t feel to be enough in a few things in my life?

Where am I lacking?

I think i can’t do this.

Do I need to worry about this or start working on it?

Am I not enough for this?

Tell me, when did you have such kind of questions pop up in your mind? Many times I believe. Let’s just realize one thing either we are not fitting perfectly on someone’s desire list or maybe while taking important decisions of our life we have these questions. Isn’t so?  Maybe being in a relationship where we feel less from our partner or maybe when we are not so open in our family. Maybe when you are applying for a job you do not get the tick mark on all the expectations they have and you feel twice before applying for it. These are some major moments when we feel that we are less worthy, we doubt our own abilities, but why?

Why do we question our selves? because we forget about our capabilities and being worry about other’s expectations. Don’t you think? Why is it so important to be worthy of somebody else or for something? When you feel in such a way did you realize that you can never be able to fulfill all the requirements, but there are other special things you do have but others don’t. Just think this way, if you have everything the other person wants, the beauty, the humbleness, the respect, intelligence, money, talent, success, and any other thing he or she thought then you will be the perfect one with everything but can you tell me the last person you know who do have all of it, everything. I guess not because nobody is perfect, nobody.

When you question yourself you already lost the half battle. If you find yourself enough in something or somewhere there are chances you don’t wanna grow, you stop trying for it and stick with the old you. You don’t move forward you just stop right there. You are good enough with your own special skills and talent, you just need to work it on them for better. Don’t see your self on other’s reflection, this is which not gonna be worth it.

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