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A letter to my inner self

Dear Me,

It’s been a long time since we talk and I know things are not going well from the past few days and I understand that you might feel hopeless, terrified, alone, and don’t have any clear vision for what going to be next. But when was the last time did things go according to us? when did things happened in our life as we want them to be? maybe that is the specialty and hatred of time it keeps changing and changing. If the good time goes so do the bad one also.  I know that you can’t see things clearly from here, and you don’t want to stop either, you want to keep moving no matter how misty the path is. We get too afraid of loosing from others, coming last among all but love, we don’t need to run in a race with others. We only need to make our path different from all of them. No matter how easy they go or how hard we need to try.

 There are some time comes when we don’t know who we really are or what do we want for ourselves. We want an immediate cure for our wounds and start looking for it outside, why? all we forget that we are the cure for our problems, whatever we believe come up and stand next to us. Don’t believe that this is the ending point, it might be the time you need to take a new turn and who knows this new way to the destination can be more beautiful and exciting. You are a person with multiple skills and ideas with you can amaze anyone. Let’s just don’t lose hope, and walk on this path together like we did till all these years and I know we can find something extraordinary, which will surprise us, again.   

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