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A cliche – opposites attract couple

A cliche – opposites attract couple.. The aunty being very shy and the uncle being an extrovert.

As I was talking a walk in the village with a camera in my hand, we exchanged smiles and I could sense something common between me and the uncle – curiosity about each other. We started the usual small talk and me being me asked him for a picture after the first few exchanges and I saw a smile pop up on his face like he was waiting for me to ask that question. Excitedly he pulled his wife closer and told me to click a “Sundar c Photo”. You can see the shyness on the face of aunty ji and the excitement on uncle ji’s faces.

He was also one of the two or three people in my time of street photography who actually offered me money (100rs) for the pictures I clicked of them saying “hum to chale jaenge, par is photo ko pta nhi kitne log dekhenge aur humare baare m sochenge..dhanyawaad apka” that “we will soon perish away but the people who see these pictures will look at us and think about us”
I told him it was my gift to him in exchange for his lovely smile.

So here I am sticking up to my part of the deal.

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