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Vrinda Rana - Humans of Himachal

Someone Somewhere

You were my  trance , 
a fortune by chance,  an immaculate poem of romance, 
You were my only escape from unforgiving world of advance, 
I was my best when I was with you ,we were we, not me nor you.. 
Like the invisible  whimsical silence descending upon the misty meadows tucked far away from people’s reach,
you gleam in my goals and dreams letting the pesky societal rules breach.. 

Ball in Hand - Humans of Himachal

Like the yellow fallen leaves clustering the boulevards beneath trees in autumn,
the memories  from the trees of past keep falling on my boulevard of present, 

I reckoned, i won’t leave you and the time proved me wrong, yet here I am, threading you in oscillating words catapulting my insatiable love to tag along…

Like the first sip of tea on a winter morning, you are my cozy morning relief, 
Like a stubborn child’s unrelenting faith on his parents, mine is bestowed in you.


You are an enchanted forest where I had lost myself a while ago, and now that I have found a way out I m not myself anymore, 
No matter where I go, what i do, I will be in that mysterious forest forever coz thats my happy place and the place I want to explore.. 
Our actions sometimes betray out intents and this my dear are the rhapsodies of being in love.

My words can’t do justice to the greatness with which you loved and live. 
So without further ado, 
I want to confess 
O sweet November, I wish , I was you.. 

Transparent Ball in Hand - Humans of Himachal

Rumi said it correctly :
Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love.
Also sharing some songs, in a hope that someone somewhere might like them and listen to them..!! 
I rest my case.. – evening star – cannons – keeping me alive – Bob moses

James young – infinity

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