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Travel Couple

My so called companion

Agar Manzil ek hai, mukaam ek hai

To phir raaste ek ku nahi?

You have made me unsure about lot of things

I am unsure about all those nights,

That I have spend in your embrace

I am unsure if mine and yours priorities are in place

I am unsure of the answers to the questions,

I see floating on your face

I am unsure

I am unsure if my independence to me,

Means no dependence on you

I am unsure about where I stand in your life,

And where you stand in mine too

I am unsure that when two lines run parallel to

Each other if they can ever really truly meet

I am unsure why the heart is still hungry

When it has had enough to eat

My so called companion

I am unsure if the two pieces that we found

For this puzzle are a perfect match

I am unsure if the space in between my fingers

Can any longer be filled up by your hands

Your hands have created a hole where my hands used to be

Spaces which are so hard to fill

Gaps that may last for an eternity

My so called companion

There are memories of your past lover that dance

Like a firefly on a dark night

Did you know that firefly is bioluminescent

And produces its own light?

So do your memories, the remanents of your past

I stay up all night chasing your fireflies,

Catching them, putting them into cage that I know won’t last

My so called companion

Before I let you go, there’s something that

You really really need to know

There is only one thing I am extremely sure of

That love …

Is never…


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