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Just be myself?

When I was born,
I had the scent of my mother
The voice of my father,
And eyes, that of my aunt.

A little later, they said
“She walks like her grandfather
and looks like her uncle”.

I possessed my father’s intellect
and showed concern, like my grandmother.

By 5th grade, I was the voice of my best friend and my handwriting resembled my teacher’s.

In 7th grade, my hair was like
the neighbour who just moved in and my lips resembled that of his mother’s.

I was 18, my knees and elbows were pink
like in paintings.
My face was like wind.

At 20, I looked like
the favourite colour of the boy I liked.

In my hostel, I resembled and acted
like my roommate’s sister.
In my room, I was like the wall.

With my friends, I was like them,
In a crowd, I was the crowd.

When I was never myself,
How can I just be myself?

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