Humans of Himachal

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a girl thinking

Just a thought

Yeah! This is me over it

Push me away and believe I will come

Would you ever care if I didn’t?

What if I ran till I couldn’t stop?

Till the night shatters day

And the rain comes.

What if the night grew darker and darker

The time passes by…

In the hope of some sunshine

To neutralize my dark sky

What if the thunderstorm didn’t stop

And the lightening shines bright

The due drops on the grass

That shines so bright

How about I do light the blunt

Smoke while the colours fade

Would you try to stop me?

Would you?

Maybe I should cry and show some weakness

But what if I have no tears left?

Will you think of me as heartless?

Or would you not think of me at all?

So how about it?

Why don’t you watch occassionally

Instead of thinking me so strong.

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