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In Love With Ordinary Fairytale

No, I don’t care for poofy gowns,
And, tiaras that twinkle luxury,
I just want to put up my same old
pajamas and slip into bed where
your skin is pretty much all the
twinkle this heart truly needs.

The man of my dreams was never
Prince Charming on a gallant horse,
It is a man who is a prince of his own
thoughts, he who collects raindrops
and sees the colours of the sky as a
sign to slip fingers and go for a walk.

The ball may look all shiny upon the
pages of Cinderella, but she too just
sought to be loved, didn’t she? I’ll seek
that in our unfailing joy as we find a
chai tapri to brew a hot beverage
and some even warmer memories.

We’ll take off to the mountains but
not because they’re the “dream life”
but because their looming height
and their rocky curves make the wind
a little quieter for us to converse about
life and it’s endless possibilities.


And, maybe, just maybe on some days
I’ll have dreams they’ll label as not so
conventional but darling, my confident exterior finds courage to chase them
because yours is a voice of reason that
tells me to find my belief.

But you see the biggest wish of them
all has been to melt the hidden bits of
both of our minds together, to celebrate
one another and to know that failure too will be taken on with each other.

So, I’ll wipe off the make up, you can let
go of the cologne, I’ll breathe in your
scent and you’ll stare at the marks on my
face, and, in the sheets that are starting
to look worn, we’ll make a fairytale of
our very own.

Thanks and regards,
Niyati Saxena (@migrantmusings)

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