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I can and I will. Watch Me

You, the splitting image of goddess

You, a self made empress

You, dear women are everything that’s wonderful

In a society, failing to see the glass half full.

Every breath, a blessing and a burden alike.

Since the day you were born,

Your fall, get you rise.

But for a week every month you bleed.

You bleed rivers forming oceans of red.

It starts with an unbearable pain.

Gnawing ache in your abdomen.

Your body at war with itself.

Running out of patience.

Girls skipping school.

Women missing office.

Staying at home feels like a better deal,

Then dealing with all this.

Cramps, clots, the wretched pain.

All aboard the period train.

“It’s a natural process” My mother persist

“You’ll get through it” Best friend insist

Sanitary napkins – check

Comfort food – check

Some boy talk and sappy movies?

– sure.

The recurring pain and the nausea.

A collateral damage you must endure.


A sign and symptom women don’t know exists

Normalise menstruation.

You did not choose it.

You didn’t even choose the pain.

You did not choose the mood swings, the bloatings

The body pain and back aches.

Then why live with it.

If it’s not what it takes?

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