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Girl in Mountains

Enlightenment from nature

A vision to live, for which to die,
I learnt from peaks to touch the sky, 
To have free will, to chase the dreams, 
To have a choice, then choose to fly..   

There are things in life that money can’t buy, 
I Learnt from trees, on nature we rely, 
Likely to live, doesn’t mean you’re alive, 
You won’t know until truth blesses your eye..   

I believe it’s okay to be preserved and shy, 
As rivers gave me every answer to why, 
For fate doesn’t come from who you are, 
It comes from how much harder you try…   

So experiment risks, stop being that guy, 
I learnt from the soil, don’t live in a lie,
For We will all merge in it for sure one day,
For Everything falls, if it goes too high…

Written by Vinita Sharma ( @barbiesharma18 )

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