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Beloved Spring

Yesterday I wrote a poem
to the early spring.
Flowers in my garden
soothe my heavy heart,
every bud glowing green;
Spring is a work of art.

The hollow earth
beneath my feet
is now as lively as a new born,
Sometimes I feel I romanticise 
spring too much
but, I am not willing to unlearn.

May is over now.
It’s sowing in the hills 
and plains don’t know
what to feel about that,
Maybe because the world
isn’t over the beauty of winter

In return, spring gave me
early rains 
Humid winds came knocking
on my window,
Altostratus clouds are hovering  over
and the spring wrote, “to be continued…”

I have lost my train of thoughts.
It feels like my ‘self’ moved on 
but my shadow is still there, 
In the snow 
And everywhere.

✎ Kajal (@mermaidspen_)

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