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Of everything and nothing - Night scape - Humans of Himachal - Kajal - mermaidspen

// Of everything and nothing //

I’m no longer writing in rage
for I’ve exhausted it all.

I can’t hold the tiny fingers
of my helpless grief
and try convincing it
to come out as love.

I’m tired of looking at
from the window of my lover;
for love is more than just love.

I’m no longer writing about the
sexual acts of inappropriate touch
Touch that haunts
the alphabets of my history.

My vision is disoriented
my senses lack direction
and angles of my eyes
have lost their senses.

To be able to write is hope-
a clichéd and over hyped sentence
for, it’s so tiring and unfair
to break your own heart
to mend broken hearts.

I’m done writing poems
for my friend’s family and friends.
I am waiting for poetry to come.
I won’t be writing from tomorrow.

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