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Zonal Hospital Dharamshala

Dharamshala COVID Care centre faces shortage of Oxygen and Staff as cases continue to rise

With the sudden rise of Cases in Kangra District, The COVID Care Centre is struggling to cater the patients which require oxygen support. Also there is a shortage of medical staff in the Zonal Hospital which makes it worse.

The COVID Centre at Zonal Hospital is the largest in the district with a capacity of 90 Beds.

Mr GS Gupta, Chief Medical Officer at Kangra admitted that the requirement of the Oxygen for the patients has drastically increased in the past few days. The Oxygen supply was up-to the mark by getting the cylinders refilled from Mandi. However there are plans to setup Oxygen generator Plant in the Hospital Premises only.

Despite having 25 Ventilators, the critical cases could not be handled. Patients with severe conditions are being referred to the Tanda Medical College, which is situated at 20KM from the Zonal hospital.

According to the sources, shortage of support staff has been a critical issue. Handling patients with no family members, providing food and sanitising the whole premises was hectic.

The hospital has estimated they need at-least 40 more healthcare workers to make the ends meet.

The CMO said they are planning to increase the bed capacity to 120 to handle more patients at once.

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