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You made it

Hey beautiful people it’s a new day. Wake up, grab your coffee/tea cup go outside, and watch the sun rising, birds are dancing, the sky is shining. Yeah I know it’s not a new thing to do but today try it differently. Look at the sky take a sip, and smile that you are alive. Yes, you are alive and it’s the most beautiful. Tell me what is the first thought you got till yesterday when you woke up? Some negative thoughts, laziness, tiredness, disappointments? It’s time to change it. 

Getting depressed about some bad days, or getting the situations in your head, getting harsh on yourself is never going to aid the problems buddy or neither it’s going in the right direction by their selves. Time is very hard, it’s getting worse and you are just close to being broken down but hey, hold yourself with that last hope. Yes, hope of taking another chance.


You see people whenever I write down something motivational it’s not for you who I want to teach something but it’s for myself so that I will not lose hope. When we were kids our teachers or parents make us write something repeatedly which we might forget after some time. Writing these thoughts, sharing them with you amazing ones, and hearing something great from your side encourage me to do try again. On our bad days, we start complaining about things in our life, about our skills but the thing we need to encourage is that we still have a chance to make it better.

Feel lucky that you made another day of your life on this beautiful planet as a human being. I’m enjoying the sun, a new day, the birds and the flowers around me. Are you? 

Happy Morning 

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