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In this article I’m not going to talk about visiting a salon for spa or massages.

No spending required, no expensive things are mentioned in this article because this is about self care, not about contributing to the economy.
So, let’s start.

I like to keep it short and simple so you guys can easily take out time. And that it is easy for you to read and implement.

There are only three main categories here.
But in these points I’ll explain and cover almost every aspect of self care for women.


We girls or ladies have a tendency to put others first. No doubt that’s a good thing but we must also take out time for ourselves, we should not forget that we are beings too and we require care and attention. When necessary, we may become kind of selfish too and we don’t need to regret that.

Self care is not putting someone else down but it’s about keeping yourself on the top.

I saw many videos, read various articles on self care of woman. Again repeating “the real self care”  and I found out that it all can be compiled into three categories which are:


1. Healing

Inner healing,
Don’t just picture meditation when I talk about inner healing. it’s much more vast  and I know I couldn’t be able to explain it all in this blog. Inner healing is all about knowing your body and mind’s status and making it better, according to various philosophers. There are endless self created ways to practice inner healing that you can find out yourself. I can help with few.

Not that you are not breathing right now but breathe consciously. we forget that we are alive and lively.
Come back to your breathing process and you will feel that everything is fine we are breathing, we are alive, and we are working as we are expected to.

Breathing heals in many ways. it makes you aware and it brings you into the present moment. just for a moment you forget about what happened in the past or what is about to happen in future, then you relax,  stay calm and you know that it’s OK, it’s going to be OK.

There are various breathing exercises that you can try and practice daily. One of my favorites is DEEP BREATHING, 

– In this you just need to sit or stand straight and inhale deeply through nose.( feel the sensations in your body throughout the process )
– Expand your chest to the fullest and hold for 5 seconds.
– Exhale slowly from the nose.

Alone time, 
Again it does not happen very often that we spend some time alone, and that has got us in a habit of being around someone no matter what.
Most of us are dependent on others for pleasure.
We think being alone means being lonely, but that my friend is true bliss.
Getting out of the daily chaos is what we need to do sometimes, considering it self care.

” To become independent and happy with ourselves without needing anyone around is the best of the freedom one can ever have. ” – Vini

Spend some time alone, away from the chaos just for a while, and you will know happiness that comes from within.

Treat yourself(body and mind),

Treat yourself with health and longevity. 

Treat your body with nutrition and vitamins, care for your body.
It’s been working for you all this time, it will work for you ahead of time too so make sure you are thanking it with healthy habits.
It all makes you better from inside out.
You already know what is needed as a conscious being, so confront   that and proceed with self care right away because no one knows you better than you yourself.

2. Experimenting

As I mentioned before you know yourself better and you will know what you need right now.
Do that experiment, experiment new things of healing research and think about it, analyse your body and mind.

Ask yourself.. what you need to do about it? what is it that I can try? what else can I do for myself?

Gift yourself something new.
Surprise yourself with something. 

Not only it promotes self growth personal growth but also it will make you happy about being aware of your self. 
Planning and doing something for yourself not for anyone else but yourself you will be proud, satisfied and happy.

Get off the social media and try something new for yourself.
Have a new hobby or something. 
Believe me that counts as self care for sure Because you will spend time with yourself, for yourself.

Life is full of surprises get one for yourself.

Experiment new ways of staying healthy
Explore new ways of keeping up with the world
New ways to serve yourself and all this experimental new things will make you more full of life.
We have abundance of knowledge on Google on YouTube find out ways for your liking or needs, whatever it is.

Practice new rituals of care, ancient and modern ways.
Have something new in your life like a new habit or a new interest   This is all experimenting.
Don’t stay dull with your life keep doing something, stay active.

3. Ownership

Take ownership for everything,
If you are not feeling well take ownership that it’s your fault.
If you are feeling good and healthy take ownership, thank yourself or reward yourself.

 This is how you care for yourself.
Take ownership of everything, if you are eating junk know that you will face the consequences. 

You can destroy or make a beautiful thing out of this body and mind, of this pure existence of yours.
You will do yourself a favor all the time when you take ownership.

When we don’t take responsibility of what is happening in our life right now, we can’t make it what we want.
Don’t just throw the responsibilities on the head and shoulders of others.
Then we expect them to work for us and to make our life better but know that it is our responsibility and we should know that we should take ownership of everything we do in our life.
If you are failing you are responsible, also if you are successful you are the reason. 

We should have the personal sense of responsibility for all the circumstances in our life.

We need to change this habit of blaming others all the time.
Handle it yourself.
It’s not only about the  the bad habits that you have but also  the good work that you have done.
If you’ve made your life beautiful it’s because of you.
SO, take ownership of it, as you are the one who brings out the colors in life or you are the one who is making it dull.
Choose wisely and it’s  in no one else’s hands but you.

Now start praising yourself, for the life you have made yourself!

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