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Only she knows

When a woman is in love,
She’ll be your best friend, out of love
And also your worst enemy, when she is out of love.
When a man cheats on a woman,
She knows,
She knows that she is loving someone,
Who’s already been loved.
She knows that she is caring for someone,
Who’s already been taken care of.
She knows that she is cooking for someone,
Who already had dinner, washed his hands,
And gone to sleep.

When a man betray woman,
She knows,
She can sense betrayal in his hidden glances,
In the touch of his hands,
In her own body,
She can sense it in his stories, his anecdotes
And even in his poems.

She begins to understand,
That not every raanjha has a heer,
Not every soul has a body.
It isn’t necessary,
That she forgives or forget out of love,
Or fight since she is out of love.

Because it isn’t necessary,
That every infidelity ends in forgiveness,
” It’s ok, it’s a one of thing”
Forgive him, out of love.
It isn’t necessary, that forgetting him is always enough.

“Forget him and move out of love”
If you want to fight with him,
Since you are out of love,
Destroy him this time, you’re out of love,

But is she?
Because when a man cheats on woman,
She knows, she knows that when a home breaks,
It shatters with it a million hopes and dreams,
To make peace, to create war, to not let go of anything,
Without leaving her claw marks on the seams,
And through all the hell,
She knows, that this is her unraveling herself,
She knows, that this infidelity is a learning path.

She knows, it is a path to healing her own self.
She knows, it is a path of finding,
Who she had lost within her heart,
She knows when a man cheats on woman
She knows, she either forgive, forgets or fight.
But what will she choose to do?
What will she choose to do?
Will she do it out of love?
Or will she be out of love?
Trust me..
Only she knows.

Author:- Ayushi Sharma

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