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Harshita Samaria - Humans of Himachal


Ladki hai, ghar se dur jaake kya karegi? Aurat ki awaaz kon sunta hai? Khel kood kar ladkiyaan kya kar lengi? Ladkiyaan toh kamzor hoti hai, yeh kahan ladengi? Shaadi ke baad toh ghar, grahasti aur bacche hi sambhalne hai! Le dekar akhir mein rasoi hi sambhal sakti hai! Duniya ko sahara dene wala “MARD” hi toh hota hai! These are some day to day dialogues every girl has to listen to her whole life, no matter how successful or happy she is. We worship women goddesses but we fail to acknowledge our own daughters who are fighting tooth and nail for basic acknowledgement on a daily basis.

Why is it a girl’s responsibility to learn household chores and not the boy’s? Why is a girl’s love relationship considered shameful and disregarded compared to our son’s relationship where we wholeheartedly welcome our daughter-in-law, she is also someone’s daughter! Why is a girl interrogated until her last breathe for making a difficult decision regarding her life or career? We sell women’s bodies in porn, in movies, in music videos, in magazines, on billboards. There is an unspoken understanding that at any point if a women’s body is visible, it is for the purpose of evoking men’s desires, not because she likes it. And we ask them to cover up and they are triggered after we confront them about our choices, like” Hey! just giving some friendly advice.” Most men consider it their birth right to have a voice/ word vomit their weight around. We live in a misogynistic society, From our neighbors to our parents to our partners- we’re RAISED AND CONDITIONED to LIMIT WOMEN

There are exceptions always but most of us are injected with misogyny from an early age. We penalize women who love their bodies, who speak up, women that show skin because we don’t want them to have what they want. Men are not slut-shamed in their comment boxes and personal messages. Patriarchy says- this gender should only do these and that gender those- with one gender given a higher regard and more socioeconomic benefits. Feminism says-  just share the frikking burden, its not rocket science and hey lets talk about how everyone can have chances to bloom.

Right to equality demands that women be treated equal to men in all aspects across relationship dynamics. Which means every women has the right to preserve her self-respect and take a stand for herself. Society needs to stop seeing this as disrespectful, because all that there is to it, is one person demanding respect and agency that they deserve.

“It takes years  as a women to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for.”                    – Amy Poehler


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