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Freedom Never Comes Easy – India Celebrates 74th Independence Day

Happy Independence day to you all. Today on this day full of celebrations of our independence as a nation and a society, let us also talk about our independence individually. Each one of us has been through problems of some kind and everyone has come out to be more strong and independent.

This word Independence is taken so lightly, we talk about it all the time that how we want to be independent and how we want to live our life on our own terms unaware of the amount of efforts it takes. It is not easy but once one is ready to give all to live on their own, to face their fears and to just keep moving no matter what obstacles come they can achieve it.

Heena Mehra with Indian Flag - Humans of Himachal
Proud Indian with Indian Flag | Heena Mehra

 It’s great to be the Creator of your own destiny but with that comes large amount of responsibilities with not so much authority of life because life is unpredictable and we can’t control it totally.  There are few things you can do and with that only you have to make yourself fully  Independent and not at all dependent on anybody else. So, yes it will take a lot of courage too. Being dependent keeps you in a secure and comfort zone. But on the other side if you want to be free from any boundaries or limitations you will have to break that zone and you will have to get out to an insecure world.

Independence  word is so fascinating and no doubt it is the Best thing ever to not care about others and to have no worries about future, it’s all on you if you fail or succeed, you bear it all. But we have to you know this that it takes a lot a lot of your energy , it will grill you like nothing else and you will want to get back to the comfort you were in but don’t give up. That’s the only way you get free. You definitely will be provided with colors to fill your life but we only see a flying  free bird roaming around, we don’t see how it hustles all it’s life for a living and to be  free like that. But it’s all worth the freedom so let us all work for it.

Also It’s time that we appreciate the efforts of our selfless freedom fighters who bring or brought Independence to us. They faced it all for us and lived only to give us these beautiful days of freedom. Everyday someone is out there in danger to keep us safe. We should be extremely grateful to them and we all must be fully Independent as an individual, again a very happy Independence day to you all.

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