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The more we express ourselves, the more we evolve

I was an introvert kid during my school days. And due to that I was always incapable of expressing myself infront of my teachers, relatives, an infact friends too. I think that is the reason I couldn’t do childhood friendships. Nevermind, I managed to observe things and being the kind water kid, always tried making people happy. So, it helped me in pulling my strings, always. .

Time passed as days went by, I am now a kid who is an ambivert. A kid who chooses happiness above all, who knows happiness lies in peace, whose peace is the untouched paradigms of nature, who thinks every human being is nature. Well, that’s about being sublime. Now, I do meet people, share a warm conversation but, do I really remember all of them?
Yes, I do. .

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All these happy faces have motivated me, unknowingly. Spending lives in adverse conditions, helping their own selves, stretching themselves in routine life, waking up early and sleeping early, playing similar games everyday, living without electricity for days. For I have learnt that warmth is an unsaid feeling which is shared with stretched lips. .

I have learnt that, the more we express ourselves, the more we evolve, and more the self-love.
All the faces in these pictures are special to me and I will cherish this unsaid bond forever. A bond of #warmth with the humans of village Bandal, Sharchi & Jumla.


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