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Yoga in Mountains

Mountains, Chai and Yoga

Mountains , tea , thandi hawa , long drives , road trips , rain, samosa, pizza, maggi. Have I missed something.? These things unanimously excites everyone. A soft indie song playing in the background, you perched on the small grayish rock by the riverside in the backdrop far flung blue pristine mountains.

Who would not like this feeling. It seems like the time at that moment has stopped and you have entered in a zone of impervious eternity .All worldly affairs come to a shrieking halt at that moment. Sometimes you keep smiling at nothing but a clear blue sky with patches of cotton like clouds.

At other times , you let your hair down and tears flow down your cheeks. Mountains heal you in certain ways.The catharsis is indeed golden and subliminal. I am neither a preacher nor a yoga teacher.I am writing this based my experiences.

Vrinda doing Yoga
Yoga in Himalayas

Ever thought of doing yoga or meditation in mountains other than smoking pot. Nonetheless 90% won’t agree but the fact is not hidden from many of us. I wanna give NO gyan but it’s a casual recommendation . Practice deep breathing and meditation. It revamps within you most ecstatic energy when you do it in mountains, under the umbrella of  sheer blue sky.  Trust me. You will love that feeling.

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