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Vegetable Vendors Selling Vegetables in Coronavirus Lockdown


The plight of poors , the fight of farmers and the dreary atrocities caste upon the famished labourers of this Great country can easily bring tears in the eyes of any living being but this Government.

 Everyday we are listening to the nerve wrecking inhumane adversities faced by the penurious section. Underprivileged are coerced to stay where they are without even providing them with basic necessities like FOOD. 

Recently saw a media report on the condition of farmers in Punjab. They were forced to dispose of their Capsicum crop on the roads as it was not even selling at a price of 2rs/kg. Distressed farmers found it more convenient to abandon the cash crop on the roads in agitation. 

This country has never cared for poor people and no matter how righteous and rational this govt may seem, they have failed badly at keeping their own people safe. 

No one is mad enough to waddle 1000 kms in seething sun on scorched roads without any food. We can’t even sympathise with those people, while sitting in our  rooms cooled by AC’S, cooking sumptuous meals and serving the delicacies. This lockdown has  wreaked havoc on the lives of poverty stricken. 

They are already bearing the brunt of poverty and above that they are lashed with sticks and beaten mercilessly.

I feel extremely unlucky and helpless to see these people in such inhumane conditions. 

This lockdown  is nothing but a sledgehammer policy which is killing people, if not by corona, then by hunger, heat and mercilessly plying vehicles.!!

Were those labourers actually crushed under the giant iron wheels of the Good’s train or were they crushed by the gruesome hunger pangs and extreme financial distress caused by the lockdown.  

How is this system ever going to make up for their loss..? HOW..? 

If u guys feel me and can provide any ideas as to how to help people and farmers in distress.. Please feel free to comment. 

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