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Mother Earth

Sorry Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

On behalf of all humans, I apologize for destroying nature and beg forgiveness.

Today we realize the damage we have caused you, Mother Earth.

We took your unconditional love for granted and made things worse for you.

Sorry for all the times we were thankless and inconsiderate.

Sorry for not being responsible towards natural resources provided by you and destroying them.

We promise to secure them and use them wisely.

Sorry for all the trees that were demolished by us.

We promise to plant more trees.

Sorry for all the garbage we have thrown in your beautiful springs, seas and lakes.

We promise to behave ourselves.

Sorry for all the noise pollution that we have made.

We will ensure the melodious songs of birds return.

Sorry for the noxious black smoke in the air.

We promise that we will let you breathe.

Sorry for all the extinct animals we forgot  they were our companions to share this planet with.

We promise to take care now onwards.

Sorry for all the damage and wounds given by us to you.

We promise that we will heal you.

Sorry for being selfish at the expense and greed of making money we forgot that we owe you everything. 

We promise to keep you healthy and beautiful.We will love the land , the air and the water and all living creatures.

United with all.

We promise to save you mother earth.

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