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I believe we all do have our plans for the year- 2020. It comes with the exciting new year, new trips, new goals, new adventures, new targets to set, new us, new revolutions. But today we think while spending the 6th month of this year in one place that it all gonna fall down.

Well, think again.

We all can see how worse this virus did. Countries that used to be strong and do have world best healthcare facilities can’t save their people, whether it is America, Spain, China, Italy, or any others. When you see the death ratios or infected ratios in the world and to our country – India, you can feel how better we are doing even with the large population, fewer hospitals, limited healthcare facilities.

I want you to know, you all are doing great. Your these steps for our country, for the fighters who risking their lives for us, the doctors, the nurses, media, police, and the helper who step out from the houses to help needy people. This is the time we all can show the UNITY which we all do have. So when one day we all get back to our normal lives, to our schools, colleges, offices, we will work harder & we’ll achieve all the targets we had in our mind.

We will see a better future, we will see our country grow, shine & rise in the world.  Keep your spirits high. Don’t lose hope.

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