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Corona Lockdown Repair and Maintenance

Lockdown – Repair and Maintenance

As the world fights virus and the nature heals we all have learned and adapted the new way of living. It seems that nature knew that we all needed this lockdown as the pandemic has brought the world closer.

The vicious circle of Monday to Friday life took a break and staying home for the weekend, reading a book, taking a long shower, chewing each meal properly, and stare at the ceiling while you lay on the bed has become a part of every day’s routine.

My Skin began to breathe as the layers of make-up didn’t occupy them anymore.

My legs are relaxed as I wasn’t running for work each morning for the daily commute and punch in deadlines.

My Eyes took a break as they are taking more breaks from the screen.

My heart and mind are at peace as I have no deadlines to complete projects and that constant pressure that was felt to do things – to achieve, to compete, to turn up to everything has just vanished.

My digestive system is enjoying all home-cooked fresh meals which were often ignored and bought back home.

The response to the pandemic has given us a glimpse that another world is possible and mother nature had a hold on everything.

I rediscovered the simple pleasures of life where cheerful conversations over family lunches and dinners have become a precious time of the day that everyone looks forward to, something many families may never have enjoyed before.

Relationships are much stronger, health is taken more care off, mental peace is a priority, emotional security and Self-care are a routine.

It seems that heaven above heard our whispers of a temporary retreat from the everyday monotonous routine and it is healing us too.

Although social distancing has been a struggle I have been missing my friends and relatives but I am happy that the people I love and care for are healthy and safe.

I have learned from this lockdown that we can survive without malls, branded clothes, weekend parties, eating out, and much more.

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