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Frontline Cops

I deal with stress,

I deal with insults,

I am proud to wear this badage,

I am honoured to protect our people,

And I am proud of it,

Yes!… I am a frontline police officer


I get up in the morning

Have coffee

Hug my spouse

Get into my squad car

And put myself in danger for you to be safe

But in return

I get lot of insult

I get yelled at and spit on

I get to be called with different names

I get dead threats and complaints

But I don’t do it for pay

I don’t don’t do it for fame

I do it for laws

I do it for my peace

Because I love what I do

I deal with insults

I endure the assaults

I suffer a lot

For you to be safe at your place

I am also a human

I also have feelings, just like you

I have a family, who is waiting for me to sit and have dinner together

But where I meet danger, I bring safety

Where ever I see dark, I bring light

Where ever I see weakness, I bring strength

Each day is a new day, new life

With the blessings of my mother

With the love of my spouse

With care and concern of my brother and sister

But I never know if I’ll come home at the end of my shift

This is my life

I am proud of my dress

I am honoured to work for my people

This is my calling, this is my life

Being an Indian citizen it’s our duty

To co-operate with these brave men and women

To show them some love, respect and honour

For their 24*7 service for us

Kudos to our frontline cops

For providing your selfless sacrifice

Himachal Pradesh Police

A token of love and respect from Humans of Himachal

Keep up the good work

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