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bee on a plant

Corona – A Respite for Mother Earth

Yeah, the title of this write up may sound vehemently insensitive to us the prejudiced HUMANS. Its so easy for us to neglect those who can’t speak and act against our atrocities. The more modern we become ,the more  our selfishness digs deeper into our lives sucking all humanity slowly like a parasite.Does she(bee in the pic) know that her  hard work will go to waste one day . Humans will ravage her home and take all what she has mustered so far …!

NO ! But she works hard to collect the nectar and we bear the fruits of her hard work .We recklessly cut down our forests to meet our desires of lavish homes and what not.Killing animals like savages to devour the so called scrumptious cuisines made from their flesh. We ,the so called HUMANS have no humanity at all. We are selfish and we are cruel and no matter how logical and rational we try to showcase ourself, we will repay this. !
 And don’t u think we are already repaying it..???? .
I suggest we should have a systematic planned  lockdown every year like this so that our mother Earth and her other children can roam ,eat and breathe freely ..!!A respite for otherwise seething earth and a tribute for relentlessly used and drained mother Nature ??

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