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An Apology to Mother Earth

A question on humanity, a question on us all, a question you need to ask yourself now, right now. Where do I begin, that can have an answer, but where could I end can never have one. Questions and questions for why what happens, even happens.Why after all this evolution, education and development we still failed mother nature. Everyday a ton of cases about animal abuse  come World wide. Activists are fighting, people have been raising their voice against it. Government made laws for it. Why is still there no change?

As much as it wrenches our hearts, it’s important to confront the truth. Now is the time we face the reality. Humanity has vanished in a lot of hearts and we are not sure if it’s ever returning. The innocents have lost the basic needs to survive in this cruel world. They asked for nothing but just us to let them live, and we took that away too.Why I’m mentioning “we” is because in one or another way we are part of such society.

There is no doubt that good always wins over evil and that there are many putting efforts to make a difference, to bring change.But it won’t be worth if even one life looses choice to it’s own existence. We need to keep going until it all ends. We need to keep fighting until every form of life is given equal importance. Together we need to turn the tables around. To do fair to the victims of cruel torture by our own species. To let their souls rest in peace who were murdered brutally just for the sake of entertainment and fun.

My heart goes out those who didn’t even get to choose to live, to those who couldn’t speak or shout for their life. My prayers to each animal who has ever suffered from the hands of humans just for pleasure. My sorry to mother earth who watches her children kill her other children everyday, after all she wanted was a beautiful place for us to live together in peace, after all she wanted was to see us becoming the saviors instead of destroyers.

Image Credits : Abhishek Banal

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