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In India, a girl is considered the reflection of  Goddess Lakshmi. When a girl is born, they say, ” Mubarak ho, Lakshmi hui hai!” When a family welcomes its daughter-in-law, they say,” Ghar mein lakshmi aayi hai.”  Are we really treated as goddesses? Are we really treating our daughters the way we treat our God or Goddesses? Do we really believe that they are Goddess Lakshmi?

India is a country where a girl is considered as a goddess and  raped and murdered at the same time. Somewhere she is tortured for dowry and burned alive, somewhere men rape her just because she was wearing jeans, somewhere she was just helping her mother in the farm. If this is the way you treat your Goddesses, then  I should suggest that you stop worshipping them. There are ridiculous controversies going on in media about rapes and murder of women, saying that,” Men are unemployed, they don’t have anything on their mind, they are stressed thats why they are raping women!” I mean, SERIOUSLY! What is this about? Men are unemployed so they will RAPE.

Telling a little girl not to wear shorts in her own home because ” there’s men in the house” What type of men are there in her house. Girls are raped by their father, uncles, brother, the people who she trusts will protect her from any danger, people who are her family are the monsters in her story.  Marital Rape is still not considered a crime in India. Just because a girl is married does not give a person the right to abuse her in any way, not mentally, physically or emotionally. Nobody has that right over someone else. Marriage is a commitment for our love not ownership, marriage does not give you authority it gives you a partner who has vowed to be with you till the end of time. Women are still tortured for dowry and abused and murdered. Rape is not the only issue here, its harassment that every women goes through all her life. Ask your sisters or girlfriends or wives about the first time they groped or touched inappropriately, you will be shocked. Many of us don’t even talk about it because if we talk about it to our mothers, they say,” its all right, just don’t tell anyone else.” Why is raising voice against such things is considered bad? Bad is the trauma we suffered and it will always be inscribed in our mind. It is horrifying for us that we can’t even discuss what happens to us because our parents and family are more concerned about what will the society say if this gets out!

If our daughter falls in love with someone that sure will bring shame and disrespect for us in society but if our son is arrested for rape, whole family will fight tooth and nail to get him out. This is our society, this is our Nation’s biggest truth. Why do you think it took NIRBHAYA  8 years to get justice where the whole nation knew who was wrong. Our countrymen just love victim playing, they rape a girl and then say that, “She was wearing short clothes.”, “She was walking alone.”, “She was laughing a little too hard.”, “She was drunk.”, “She was a women.”

Women are not here for your service, we are not here to please you, we are just another human being like you, we have the same blood, we have the same organs, if you feel pain by burning we do too. We are not yours to play with. We are more than a pair of boobs and vagina, we are more than for marriage, popping out children or making you food. We also have dreams, dreams that we are capable of fulfilling with or without any help. Why sex-ed class is only for girls and not for boys in India. Why is a girl told to wear shorts and bras under her school uniform even if she is not required to do so. Why not teach boys to not get excited everytime they see a pair of boobs or does having a penis gives them consent to have sex with whomever they want. If a girl deny a proposal, she gets acid thrown in her face the very next day or if not this she is declared a SLUT because it is assumed that she is already involved.

RAPE IS NON-CONSENSUAL!  No girl will ever give you permission to abuse and mutilate her. Stop assuming what’s safe for us and what is not. Wearing short clothes does not gives you consent, being drunk does not gives you consent. Being a women does not gives you consent to abuse us. All men don’t abuse women, but ALL WOMEN ARE ABUSED.


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