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एक बूटा, बेटी के नाम ।

I still don’t know why I am crazy about traveling. Is it just an Instagram thing that made me loose my mind? But well not really!
While I do maintain a profile, traveling is something that these photos can never capture.
It showed me the world that exists beyond our understanding. Different human- all sweet and oh so tough..
It showed me where I stand and what I still have to achieve.

एक बूटा, बेटी के नाम ।
A one such great initiative by Himachal Pradesh Government where deodar tree along with few others is being planted under the name of daughter born in the village of Kareri, district Kangra and in which I was able to take an active part.

How would I be exposed to such initiatives had I not traveled far?

Featured Human: Kriti @kittoo

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