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hygen hound dog with man

Hygen Hound – Norwegian Dog – A Perfect Companion

The Hygen Hound was developed in the 19th century as a hunting dog that would be able to withstand the rigors of tracking across harsh arctic terrain without tiring too quickly. You’ll need to be ready to give a Hygen plenty of exercise.

Because of their hunting background and strong sense of smell, this breed is one that likes to roam. A lot of work may be required to get a reliable recall, and they may not live well alongside small furry pets.

Their strong scenting and tracking skills mean they would likely excel at scent work trials and other nose work exercises.

Hygens tend to be amiable and friendly with their family, but they can sometimes exhibit territorial guarding traits. Looking out for the early signs of resource guarding behavior will be important so that you can work on extinguishing this through positive training methods if needed.

The breed is incredibly rare, even in their home country of Norway so it would be unusual to find one of these dogs in North America. If you’re attracted to the characteristics of the breed, there are lots of other Hounds with similar traits that you could consider. Norway has seven native dog breeds. Here you can learn more about their history, appearance and place in society today.

Written by Hajra Khan (@dr.hajrakhan)

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